Contract Farming

Purnatva Agro Producer Company Ltd is working with small farmers. We have done contract farming with 250 farmers in Kolhapur District. In this contract, we source Sweet Corn directly through farmers, so there is no need for the farmers to go to market. And pay commission in market mandi.

We pay to the farmers within 10 days from the sweet corn reach to us. Our plant capacity is 10 tones per day. So as per capacity we do the contract with farmers. We are the first Manufacturer in Kolhapur who has done public -privet partnership project. For next year we have the plan to increase the area and the number of farmers for contract farming.

We are contracting with Dhanuka Company for providing the training for Pesticide spraying to farmers. Our Agro team along with the Dhanuka team goes to every farmer’s farm for giving trading about how to do the plantation and spraying, which pesticide to be used & when to use.

Like, we have the contract to provide such trainings to the farmers. We are appointing women for separating grains from maize cob near the plant backward integrating area. Thus, we appointed some women from that area as well.

We spread awareness among the farmers for giving training about new sweet corn maize plantation which is growing without stick and knot. So the farmers can save good amount per acre by using new verity of sweet corn seeds. We will develop sustainable projects with the processing plant as well.

This project is fully environmental friendly and we are constructing ETP for reusing water foe washing fruit and machinery. We are making ETP on gravitational force only so we are saving electricity also. We are also preparing fodder for the animals.

We are using fuel for boiler which is only agro waste like baggas, briquette, maize covers. This process is helping to keep environment clean and sustainable.