Agro-Inputs Department

In order to ensure the best quality farm produce, increase the yield of every farm, and ultimately the profitability of every farmer, we decided to procure our own quality agro-inputs such as seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, agro equipment’s and modern machineries, plastics and home utilities etc. We also help to set up poly houses and drip irrigation systems, Harvesting processes. With this motto we establish our Agri-Inputs Division under the "Purnatva Agro Services".

The company has been awarded with the license of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides from the concerned government departments. The intention was to source the agro inputs directly from the manufacturing companies at the distributor price resulting in increased margins to the company and perhaps more discounts to farmers.

Our goal was to setup support system for every farmer in Maharashtra as well as in India also develop a dynamic model to produce quality production with low cost and make sure every farmer and farming in general, become and remain profitable. We also started allocating shares of the company to farmers and allocated shares to the first 250 Farmers

Purnatva Agro Farmer Producer Company Limited started selling agro inputs to the farmers through its input outlets in small quantities since November 2015. The FPO buys various inputs in bulk from authorized input distributors based on an estimation of demand for various inputs from farmers.

The shareholder gets a discount, saves their transport cost, save the time of the farmers which is now being used to take care of their farms and can utilize the time in some productive activity.

The inputs that are available to the farmers have an assurance on the quality of the product as the FPO purchases the inputs from the authorized distributors.

Business details During the 5 years of agro input business the FPO has sold agro inputs worth Rs 8 to 10 lakhs from every retail counter per year. Tangible benefits to farmers The shareholders of the FPO gets a benefit of 20% to 35% on the purchase of Agro Inputs from the FPO’s input retail shop.

1. Seed Division

Establishment of input retail outlets by Purnatva Agro Farmer Producer Company Limited a boon for the farmers The farmers from Kolhapur district were forced to buy various agricultural inputs from the input retail shops from city markets.

In the process, they often spent the whole day in buying inputs. Additionally, they often bought inputs recommended by the shops keeper without understanding whether those inputs will address the needs of the farmers. Very often, the farmers bought spurious inputs at a very high price.

In agriculture well germinated seeds play important role in farming to maximize productivity of produce so our company sales high quality seeds to farmers at reasonable rete. We also provide seed treatment technics, seed preservation technics, sowing tools and technics to the farmers

Company side by side plan for preparing seed bank of various crops because now a days original variety of seeds are not available in city markets , hybrid varieties widely cover the city market for profitability

Company creates a trust in farmers regarding seed germination if any problems occurs then company replace the all order and also give all type of technical support to farmers by agriculture experts.

2. Insecticides Division

These input retail shops stocks various agricultural inputs. Farmers from several surrounding villages buy various agricultural inputs, both the quality and reasonable prices are ensured in these outlets. Additionally, farmers are now able to access these inputs on a timely basis, which was an issue in the past.

Company provide all type of selective herbicides, contact herbicides, all type of pesticides, all type of fungicides, humic acids, growth promoters, tonics in powder and liquid forms through retail counters of agro inputs.

Company also provide all tools and technics like security gadgets, spray pumps, also give knowledge regarding mode of actions, features, benefits, recommendation of crops, disclaimer, composition of products, utilization etc. to the farmers during purchase of the same.

3. Fertilizers Division

The FPO buys the inputs from 4 distributors Jangam Krushi Udyog, Jailakshmi seeds, Sheti Bij Bhandar and Shetkari Sahakari Sangh traders. The FPO from its agro input retail counter sell various kinds of inputs such as urea, DAP, 18:18:10, 10:26:26, 12:32:16 , 24:24:24 , 15:15:15 and all types of water soluble micronutrients, Biofertilizers, organic manure etc.

The BODs of the FPO decided to promote organic inputs and manures among farmers to improve soil health. The producer company came in contact with Organic Company and the latter organized demonstration of farmers’ plots. Farmers got satisfied with the quality of the produce and the FPO started selling organic manures. The farmers have started using organic manure and have reduced using chemical fertilizers; this resulted in reduction in cultivation cost. Some of the farmers have start producing organic manure ( vermi compost and compost) of their own.

The farmers with use of organic manure have increased the productivity by 5% to 10%. With the increased use of organic manure, farmers dependence on urea has reduced which was often not available to farmers on a timely basis. The FPO has so far sold of organic manure to around 210 shareholders of the FPO at low prize.

The FPO has planned to start the production of compost on its own and sell to farmers. With the increasing demand for organic manure from farmers .

4. Plastics and sanitary Division

Purnatva Agro Farmer Producer Company Limited in Kolhapur after its promotion, established a retail counter of unbreakable plastics and housekeeping material on the request of farmers. In that agro equipment’s, bathware, households, construction material, garden series, mats and carpets, furniture, storage equipment’s, all type of sanitary material, cleaning liquids, homecare tools, ropes, spray pumps etc. are available at reasonable prize in the villages.

Company provides agricultural inputs required for agro nursery, drip irrigations, milk production like silage bags, cow mats, milk cans, shed nets, chap cutters, garden kit, plastic Tarpaulins, through this departments.

In future company will try to give franchises of our agro inputs retails divisions to enhance quality of products and services to achieve customer satisfaction and reduce cost of production of farmers.